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2 Qualifications to start you practicing
Chinese Medicine

The Most Powerful Hands On Practical Therapy in the World will allow you the potential to set up your own successful practice and stay in practice.

1st Qualification: Practitioners Diploma in Tuina Chinese Medical Acupressure
2nd Qualification Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology


Subject Description:  Tuina is the Official Medical Chinese Bodywork therapy that was developed in China over 3,000 years ago and known as needle-less acupuncture. It is an integral part of the healthcare system in hospitals throughout China today. It works with the energy system in the body known as the meridian system. Traditional Chinese Medicine is now a well established health profession. It is a holistic approach that has received wide recognition throughout the world.
Aim of Course:  To enable participants to obtain a Practitioners Diploma in Tuina Chinese Medical Acupressure, which certifies their competence to diagnose and treat a wide variety of health conditions according to the practical and theoretical principals of Traditional Chinese Medical theory in a Holistic way.
Entry Level: The course is designed for mature persons with an explicit interest in studying a complementary therapy that they can use in helping others within the community.
It is also a pre-requisite for all participants to adhere to a practitioner Code of Ethics and Practice

Affiliated with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Course Validation The course syllabus, its academic structure and the number of hours  have been designed to meet the stringent requirements of the Chinese Academic Authority, through their principal college, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and ZheJiang University of Chinese Medicine
The course structure is the only course in Ireland that meets with the training schedule as laid down by the World Health Organisation for practitioners of Tuina

Text Books A list of text books, together with a detailed syllabus pack and course timetable is issued on enrolment.

Course Content: You will gain a thorough knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine, covering the following lectures and practical sessions. 
  History and development of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  History and development of Tui Na Chinese Medical Acupressure, Medical Qi Gong, 
  Concepts and Theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  Diagnostic methods applied to Traditional Chinese Medicine
  Foundation in Tongue Diagnosis
  Foundation in Pulse Diagnosis
  TCM Syndrome identification of the major syndromes
  Theory and Principals of Yin & Yang
  Five Element theory and its use in Traditional Chinese Medicine 
  Vital Substances: Functions and Disharmonies of the Vital Substances
  Blood (Xue)
  Body Fluids (Jin Ye)
  Essence (Jing)
  Spirit (Shen)

  Zang Fu: Organs of the body, their energetic functions and disharmonies 
  Origins of disharmony, Causes of Disease, the Pathogenic Factors and Emotions
  Examination techniques and protocol: Signs & Symptoms
  Location of the 14 Meridians and collaterals
  Location of the Qi points (approximate 90 points)
  Functions of the Qi points. (approximate 90 points)

  This is an example of the quality of our notes which are developed according to the latest studies in effective teaching and optimised learning by James O'Sullivan B. A. Psychology and Lic. Ac. (China), they represent a percentage of lecture content to enable the student to enjoy the lecture, while easily take notes and have time to think and ask those relevant and important questions.  A lecturer is a facilitator of the dissemination of course knowledge and as such also facilitates active participation between lecture and student

Practical:  Examination and practical Diagnostic methods applied to Traditional Chinese Medicine
  Contra-Indications of Tuina
  Commonly used manipulations and Tuina techniques for acupuncture
  Cupping (vacuum cupping) 
  Demonstration of Gua Sha (scraping) 
  Treatment of common disharmonies
  Clinical treatments under supervision using Tuina to treat a wide variety of conditions

Practical Extra:  A commitment to full (95%) attendance is necessary to meet with Active Health Foundation requirements for examinations. 

Western Sciences: 

All the WHO affiliated TCM colleges have taught Western Medical sciences since 1953. These have been taught alongside acupuncture, herbs, and Tuina.

Both Tuina and Western Sciences modules run concurrently.


There will be 3 examinations at the end of each year:
::: An exam in TCM theory
::: An exam in TCM practical
::: An exam in Western Medical Sciences

Duration of Course: 480 hours of lectures, practical's, assignments and clinical experience
Your Lecturers:

euniceHung Tsui Ying has a busy practice in Chinese Medicine in Galway.

She is a respected Tuina master from Taiwan and a master practitioner in Chinese Cosmetic Acupuncture, Chinese Nutrition therapy, Gua Sha therapy, Auricular (ear) acupuncture, Chinese Herbal medicine.

Tsui Ying lectures extensively throughout Ireland and England.



jamesJames O'Sullivan has a busy Chinese Medicine practice in Galway and Lucan.

James also lectures for 5 VEC colleges around Ireland running the under graduate Tuina diploma course, as well as being a visiting lecturer to Beijing and ZheJiang universities in China.

He developed the first under graduate Diploma in Tuina in Ireland.

Many acupuncturists will know his fresh and hands on approach to TCM.

James trained with Hung Shui Chen in Taiwan, a Tuina master practitioner and a living legend in his lifetime.

Career Opportunities:  As a qualified practitioner of Tuina Chinese Medical Acupressure: Tuina Practitioner
You qualify for Professional Indemnity Insurance - allowing you to practice legally in Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales 
You can start your own clinic & practice, by practicing the most effective natural therapies from China
 You can find employment in the rapidly expanding markets such as
  • Healing centers,
  • Health Centers,
  • Sports Injury clinics,
  • Beauty Salons,
  • Hotels,
  • Cruise Ships,
  • Health Spas,
  • Gymnasiums.

We work with people of all ages who may be in good health but suffer from common problems, such as sports injuries, stress related conditions, headaches, PMT, fatigue, insomnia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, to name a few.

Course Progression: You can progress with further training and qualify as a practitioner of Sports Acupuncture, subject to our affiliated college's syllabus and curriculum. The Diploma in Tuina Chinese Medical Acupressure course is a step on your route to becoming an Acupuncturist
With this qualification you could be practicing Chinese Medicine while your continue your study towards Acupuncture

Professional Development: You can travel to the source of Chinese Medicine and gain advanced clinical training and experience in our affiliated university and its hospitals in China. Our optional Clinical Experience Trip to China occurs in August/September each year. Advanced Clinical Training in China
Affiliated with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
Military Hospital Great Wall China Hospital

Next Course starting January 2013

Active Health Foundation Course Fee
Your Choice of Payment Plans
This is a Complete Practitioners Diploma

Standard Plan (Early Bird discounted fees)
Payable as follows:    
Deposit with application

Balance payable at September lecture

Total Fees

Installment Plan
Deposit with application

September lecture. Installment of

plus 3 monthly Installments of
Total Tuition with installment plan

Anatomy and Physiology Examination
Traditional Chinese medicine Theory examination
Tuina Practical examination

Examination Fees included
The fee for our program covers all tuition, course material (with the exception of the student clinical kit and text books), administration.
Anatomy and Physiology Exemption
If you already hold a recognised qualification in Anatomy and Physiology, you may apply for an exemption of this module which is worth a reduction in fees of €500 off the above fees.
Why do we ask for payment in advance?

Refund Policy
  A deposit of €500 must be paid with application when applying for a course. The College operates a strict policy of non-refund of deposit/fees except where the College is not in a position to fulfil its obligations to the student. The College does not refund fees to students who do not attend classes or finish their course of study.
At the discretion of the college, a portion (€200) of the full deposit (€500) will be refunded in exceptional circumstances, if the student cancels their registration in writing before 1st August

Affiliated with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Lecture Dates - 2013/2014
Lecture Days - Saturday / Sunday
Venue - Galway City

Galway- These dates are fairly set in stone although we do reserve the right to change them due to unforeseen circumstances.
21 / 22
12 / 13
09 / 10
7 / 8
11 / 12
8 / 9
8 / 9
26 / 27
17 / 18
28 / 29
19 / 20
Active Health
Affiliated with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
Active Health
How to Apply
  In the first instance, please complete the online application form and submit. You will receive an email with a link to our PayPal account, where you can pay you fee. Click here for Application Form.

N.B. Please note that your place is only confirmed when you have paid this fee.


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  Active Health Foundation was established to provide authentic and superior training for the enquiring student, based on Traditional and Natural Medical Principals.
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Need to Talk in Person
  Sometimes its good to talk to someone before making a decision regarding taking a course or not. There is nothing to replace a face to face. I would be delighted to speak to you over the phone.
My number is: (087) 785 1158
(if I'm in clinic or lecturing, leave a message).
We can arrange a meeting in the Galway Clinic, to answer any question you may have.
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