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Siobhan Seville (Lic. Ac)
Sandro Graca    (Lic. Ac)
Dublin clinics

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With our feet firmly back on Irish soil, looking back on our experience of the 2009 Study Tour we cay say that we got more than we expected – not only did we get to see the medicine that we have studied and now practice for several years being used at it’s source, we also got first hand lectures from experienced professors of the BUCM.
Since we arrived in Beijing not only we were looked after by James and Eunice, but we also had all the help and support from the BUCM and in particular by David who is a student there in his final year.
Before getting down to hard work, we had the first 3 days of well organized sightseeing tours to the landmarks of Beijing which introduced us to the Chinese culture. These first few days helped the group to get to know each other and to become friends.
For us it was overall a great success – we got loads of experience both professional and personal from the doctors, professors and patients at the hospitals and now that we are back home we have a lot more to bring to our clinics and to our patients.


Wolfgang Wiesmann (Lic. Ac)
Co. Clare

Still under the mighty impression of the cultural and ethnic differences the recollection of general experiences and professional learning opportunities creates an absolute positive picture of what our very harmonious group of fourteen mixed internationals brought home besides overloads of suitcase bargains.  
There are three main pointers to encompass this experience of a lifetime. First, we received an excellent package of lectures presented by highly decorated professors in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. The topics were selected according to actual clinical practice as well as to fit into our state of competency so that the gain of learning was optimal. Lecturers were also concerned of demonstrating practical skills and to enhance our view on the benefits and limits of acupuncture. Secondly, there were these unforgettable morning visits to three major clinics, where  we witnessed the melting of western and eastern medicine to the great advantage of the patient. Blood tests and results, x-rays and treatment done on the same day signifies the highly developed standards of Beijing hospitals. But we also observed the extensive application of moxibustion or electro-stimulation in some wards, the vigorous use of the acupuncture knife or the needling of 50 patients by one doctor in 50 minutes. Thirdly, who will ever forget the suspicious and doubtful looks at the menu before taking the courage to order the dish. Chinese cuisine is excellent. You just need to be aware of your body not knowing that. Beijing is great sport. It’s not a melting pot but sure there is a Guinness around the corner. Many thanks to James and Eunice O’Sullivan for their great enthusiasm and ever present concern.

Olivia Murtagh Emmett
(086) 8227944. oliviamurtagh@gmail.com

Travelling to china is a must for any serious acupuncturist!   I can honestly say that seeing acupuncture practiced in Chinese hospitals is a sight to behold. Seeing patients improve before your eyes. We also received great quality lectures. I feel my practice will benefit greatly from this experience. James and Eunice made this easy for me, I think because they are both very involved in Acupuncture; they know exactly what we needed from the trip. It’s a full programme, five days a week, mornings in the hospitals and afternoons in lectures. I learned so much in that month. Thankfully James and Eunice even took the hassle out of sight seeing too. The first three days we went everywhere the Great wall, the Forbidden City , etc. Eunice speaking Chinese was a god send, as taxi drivers need things written in Chinese and this further helped with getting around. I thinking of returning to china again in a few years and I will go with James and Eunice again.

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